Neottia ovata (L.) Bluff & Fingerhuth

RO: Buhai, Coada-şobolanului
DE: Großes Zweiblatt
EN: European Common Twayblade

  • a two leaves orchid with a long spike of flowers (20-60 cm in height)
  • the inflorescence is lax to dense, long with 20 to 80 flower usually
  • in flower May to July (depends on latitude an altitude)
  • pollination is done by different species of insect specially different Hymenoptera species
  • found in a wide range of habitats up to more than 2000 m, in full sun or full shade areas (with a prefference for shade)
  • can be found almost in all Europe, but rare in mediterranean area
  • 2n = 32, 34, 38, 42

In the majority of the books found under the name of Listera ovata.

Embedded map with records for Romania found in myNature database.