November 15th, 2012 Cosmin Manci

19.november.2012 – 65 species (excepting the unidentified or hybrids) in more than 460 photos


October 31st, 2012 Cosmin Manci

In the last few days some changes (most are not visible) were done on the website:

  • checklist for Romania was updated
  • a section for hybrids was added
  • a category section was added, and slowly will implement it at the whole website, so if in the future you want to see the species with photos taken in Romania (or Greece, or Italy … ) just click on that category
  • some species were added, now 43 species (excepting the unidentified or hybrids) in almost 250 photos
Have fun !!!


June 3rd, 2009 Cosmin Manci

Today I have received a ring flash that I just ordered and because for almost a week the weather was really bad and today some sun come out I have not resisted. So at the sunset i have tried the new tool… hopping for for some orchids, some sleepy butterfly and what will be. Not the best weather (still wet and with some wind… with long exposure…).

Dactylorhiza maculata (photographed some exemplary, there where hundreds of them), the white one is probably Dactylorhiza maculata transsilvanica or close.

Observed also Platanthera bifolia, Orchis coriophora and Orchis elegans but was to dark, windy and rainy to photo also this, next time).

Some of the photos I have taken:

What is it with this website?

February 19th, 2009 Cosmin Manci

So if you are asking yourself… what is it with this website?

One of my passions is to search for orchids and do photos of them… so here are the results of this passion. But because I’m a biologist I try to put a name on this and also try to learn more about, where, when, why…

So here you will find two list:

  • Orchids of Romania checklist where all Romanian species (the list in this moment is after Delforge, 2006 but this will suffer some changes because of my new findings or new literature… i will try to name also sources for that) will have a page
  • All orchids, will appear soon (around tree weeks… I tell you a little later why so late), where all orchids I have met will have a page I say all because also when I’m abroad I try to find as many species possible)

Some photos that are already online:

What you will find here: except that will be a photo gallery I will try to summarize some aspect of that particular plant species some words about description, about where is growing, the range, pollinators and genetics… this on very short. And because in Romania a database for biodiversity exists and there is a map-service I will embed this so you can see in real time the known distribution (this is referring to the data available in that database). Always there the new members will be welcomed and also their data ;). Something more about this HERE.

In the photo gallery on each photo will be some detail about the photo.

Some other section will come later… so keep an eye here.

For now the work here probably will stop because in the morning I will be fro something like a period or 3 weeks in a study trip… hope to bring back also some orchids.

Have fun and thank you for the visit here.